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graphic design

we’ll design any concept, for business or individual projects


animated graphics

grab attention and take it to the next level with motion graphics 


website design

we don’t use templates, we design custom layouts & graphics


food photography

we capture food in its purest & most decorative form…yummy


we have over a decade of visual industry experience


follow the story of Visualicity to dicover why thinking visual is thinking outside the spectrum.

Visualicty loved
baking cupcakes.

Her friends & family
loved her sweet treats
and soon she had many
orders to complete.

To manage it all she opened a store
and for many years business was a roar!

On one sunny day in year four
she noticed competition next door.
“Meh”, she puffed… she couldn’t care less
because her recipe was the best.

Days passed as she watched her clients walk by.
She had to do something, or at least try.
With each sunrise the store next door grew stronger,
at this rate her business would be no longer.

She changed her recipe, tried social media, even the local market place.
She tried every marketing tip in this silly yellow world but all was hopeless.

She drooped as she walked past her competition
hoping to make them disappear, like a magician!
KAPLONK!! She tripped over Tat the street cat, staring wide eyed.
Her favourite yellow glasses shattered. “Oh no”! she cried.

As she brushed the dust from her dress
she noticed something unfamiliar in distress.
She could not believe her eyes!!

Without her yellow glasses she saw the world in colour!
Her competition’s cupcakes exploding with colours!
She quickly ran to her store and realized then,
that her pale white cupcakes lacked visual zen!


think visual.

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visual impact is important

your audience is much more visually orientated than you think, which is why we always think visual first

customers are 85% more likely to purchase products or services if they can see it

visual data is processed 60% faster by our brain than text

40% of the nerve fibers to the brain are connected to the retina

a human’s attention span averages 8 sec. that’s less than a gold fish’s

cave paintings are 25 000 years older than the history of text

65% of your digital audience are visual learners

“These guys are awesome! They know their equipment inside out and this shows in their final product.”

– Johann Durdle

“Overall the best multimedia company in the market!”

– Nadia Steenkamp

“Talent, detail and skill like yours is a rare find these days.”

– Michelle Gerber

“Your designs are beFONK!”

– Retha Schutte

“Met and exceeded all my expectations and needs, great service!”

– Riaan Vorster

what does our
clients say?

we always try and keep our clients happy, because a happy client is happiness!